By Ana Weber


Grow your cash flow will ignite your passion for life and spark your spirit in a realistic fashion, creating lasting abundance.

You will never experience negative or low cash flow influencing and touching on you in all aspects of life; emotionally, personally, socially, professionally in your business and as a student struggling with loans and newness.

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Money has to Flow. Keeping it bottled up makes money your unwilling slave, not your friend and companion.


About the Author

Ana Weber

Although money is not life, it is both a metaphor for life and a tool to organize your life. And like other tools in our lives, our relationship with money can help us or hurt us.

I was 8 years young when I encountered the first relationship with money. The trade off and the feeling to accept money in return to selling a magazine.

I did not understand the power of money but I did feel elated placing the funds in the cash register and watch the smile of a man walking away, holding a magazine in a cold brisk morning in Romania.

Fast forward, filling executive positons such as C.F.O, C.E.O, VP of sales for various industries; apparel, architectural, automotive, medical, and manufacturing I discovered common links with cash flow challenges, leadership and mind set transformation.

I took one medical device company from 250k a year to 100 million in 5 years.

When Money Does Flow, it “Floats All Boats.” The whole economy revolves around money circulating from one person or business to another, to another.

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